Class Descriptions

With the wide variety of dance and fitness classes we provide, you may find some dance styles unfamiliar. Fret not, here’s what the various dance styles are about! For any further questions about the dance class or dance genres, feel free to contact us directly.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. Hip Hop teaches you how to groove and move to just any music. It trains your musicality while working on Hip Hop fundamentals such as body isolation, bounce, groove and many more.

Open Class (Beg) 


8pm – 9pm by Denise

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Hip Hop Course (Beg)


7pm and 8pm by Jeremy

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Open Class (Beg)


8pm – 9pm by Farlina

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Open Class (Beg)


7pm – 8pm by Tiara

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Choreography refers to a sequence of moments, born from the specific instructor’s creative and movement direction. The choreography taught is normally focused on the message, feeling or musicality of a specific song, or focused on a specific movement phrase. Choreography can be influenced by several different dance styles but is ultimately based on the choreographer’s own interpretation of the music.

Choreography (Intermediate) Saturdays
5pm – 6pm by Bobby

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Choreography (Beginner) Saturdays
6pm – 7pm by Putra

Putra Profile

Choreography (Intermediate) Wednesdays
7pm – 8pm by Wein

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Choreography (Beginner) Mondays
9pm – 10pm by Keegan

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Incorporating elements of dance, acrobatics, and gymnastics, pole dance is not only a form of erotic dance but also a form of
aerial art and fitness activity. Challenge yourself to master new moves while bringing out your confidence and sensuality.

Pole Tricks Course

(Level 1) Wednesdays 8pm – 9pm by Leron/Ileane
(Level 3) Wednesdays 7-8pm by Leron⁣⁣⁣/Ileane

Pole Conditioning Course

Tuesdays 8pm – 9pm by Leron/Ileane

Pole Flow Course

Tuesdays 7pm – 8pm by Leron/Ileane
Saturdays 2pm – 3pm by Leron/Ileane

Pole Tricks Course

(Level 1) Thursdays 7pm – 8pm by Leron

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Splits and Backbend Course

Tuesdays 8pm – 9pm  by Ileane

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Girls Hip Hop

An interpretive form of hip hop infused with a softer, feminine flavor that works on the dancer’s attitude, framing and posture, all still using hip hop foundations.

Open Class (Intermediate) 


7pm – 8pm by Rosanne

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Street Jazz

Improvisational in nature, street jazz dance stems from modern-day dance styles, like hip hop, funk and electronic dance. Elements of the jazz technique and the fluid movements of hip hop are found in street jazz.

Open Class (Beg) 


3 pm – 4 pm by Christina

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Open Class (Beg)


9pm – 10pm by JJ

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Dancehall is an energetic and feverish style of dancing that originated from late 1970s Jamaica with roots in african dances. The moves are created as people dance in street parties in big ‘Dance Halls’ to Jamaican popular music.

Dancehall Course (Beg)


9pm – 10pm by Djimi

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House dance is a social dance primarily danced to house music. The main elements of House dance include “Footwork”, “Jacking”, and “Lofting”. House dance is often improvised and emphasises fast and complex foot-oriented steps combined with fluid movements in the torso, as well as floor work.

House Course (Beg)


7pm and 8 pm by Kelvin

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K-Kardio dance stands for Kpop Cardio Dance workout. It is an hour of non-stop workout to K-Pop hit music. It incorporates simplified MTV moves, yet retains the original feel of each song which is distinct with different moods, styles, and movements. K-Kardio combines a variety of fitness and dance elements such as Aerobics, Kickboxing, Hip Hop, Pilates, HIIT, etc.

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on classes by Steph!

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A major part of the thing that has attracted people from all over the world K-pop is the unique and fun dance routines that idol groups perform in perfect synchronisation. Often overlooked is the truly spectacular dance culture, K-Pop. In this class, you’ll find yourself dancing to the latest and hottest K-Pop music. 

Open Class (Beg)


8pm – 9pm by Scott

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Kpop Cover Course


2pm – 3pm by Jace

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Popping is a street dance born in the 1960’s and 1970’s that includes different sub-styles like Boogaloo, Gliding, and Waving. The dance, originally done to funk music, combines rigid and robotic moves with loose flowing moves, and adds on ‘hits’ which is done by flexing your muscles rhythmically to the music.

Popping Course (Beg)


9pm – 10pm by Joey

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Popularised by Soul Train in the 1970s disco era, Waacking consists of mainly arms movements typically over and behind the shoulders. This style also embodies strong feminine poses, footwork and an edgy character.

Waacking Course (Beg) Saturday 3pm

Open Class (Beg) Saturday 4pm

By Dada

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‘Bboy’ or ‘Breakin’ is an energetic form of dance that originated from Bronx, New York in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The dance makes use of stylized footwork and spinning movement on the head, hands and knees to dance to the ‘breaks’ in the music. There is a wide variety of movement, but the dance mainly centers around Toprock, Footwork, Freezes and Power moves.

BBoy course (Beg)


8pm to 9pm by Gerald

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Tutting is the name given to a abstract interpretive dance style that exploits the body’s ability to create geometric positions and movements, predominately with the use of right angles. It is performed with minute attention to the musical rhythm, typically by altering positions in a stop-and-go fashion.

Tutting course


9pm to 10pm by Jumpstut

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