Dance courses

Here at EV Dance, we’ve catered a few dance courses to help break down the complex technicalities and genre-specific knowledge you need to dive into the dance. With our instructors’ close attention and helpful advice, these weeks of consistent training will allow you to learn what you need to be confident and get started with our open classes.

Scott Kpop Poster

K-Pop Thursdays 8pm - 9pm (Scott)

Start Date: TBC

Duration: 6 Lessons x 1 Hour

Fee: $120

Song: BTS – Dynamite

Jace Kpop Poster

K-Pop Saturdays 1pm - 2pm (Jace)

Start Date: TBC

Duration: 6 Lessons x 1 Hour

Fee: $120

Song: Twice – Cry For Me OR Jessi – NUNU NANA

Dada Waacking Poster

Waacking Open
Saturdays 4pm - 5pm (Dada)

The course will focus on individual training that will help to strengthen the dancers. Course includes Technique drills, Footwork, Isolation, Musucality and Performance qualities

Start Date: TBC

Duration: 6 Lessons x 1 Hour

Fee: $120

Absolute Beginner Courses

The ABC will provide foundations you need that will help you dive into the dance genres and start your dance journey.

No age limit and no background required 🙌🏻

6 lessons / 1 hour
Fee: $120 per pax

Hip Hop intro

By Farlina

Hip Hop Absolute Beginner Course

Join the hip hop course to train your musicality while working on Hip Hop fundamentals such as body isolation, bounce, groove and many more.

Thursdays 7pm – 8pm

6 Lessons x 1 Hour


Dancehall Course

By Djimi

Dancehall Absolute Beginner Course

Go into the rooted style of dancehall and learn a variety of dance steps from old school to new school moves.

Thursdays 9pm – 10pm

6 Lessons x 1 Hour


Popping Course

By Joey

popping Absolute Beginner course

Get down with the basics of Popping, as you learn how to flex your muscles rhythmically to the music.

Tuesday 9pm – 10pm

6 Lessons x 1 Hour


House Course

By Kelvin

House absolute beginner course

“Footwork”, “Jacking” and “Lofting”. Dive into these elements that make up house dance; understand the rhythm and groove; and lastly have fun with some freestyle and stalking.

Wednesday 8pm – 9pm

6 Lessons x 1 Hour


Girls’ Style Course

By Rosanne / JJ

Girls’ Style

An interpretive form of hip hop infused with a softer, feminine flavor that works on the dancer’s attitude, framing and posture, all still using hip hop foundations.

Thursday 7pm – 8pm

6 Lessons x 1 Hour @ Studio 1


Waacking Course

By Dada

Waacking absolute beginner course

This course is suitable for people with little to no experience in the style or dancer who wish to strengthen their waacking techniques.The course will consist of Arms coordination, basic footwork, performance qualities and musicality in Waacking. Students will also get to know the brief history of Waacking culture and its evolution through the years.

Wednesday 7pm – 8pm

6 Lessons x 1 Hour


Tutting Course

By Jumpstut

Tutting absolute beginner course

This tutting course will cover the foundation of tutting, basic angles and lines, and dive into several concepts that you can incorporate into your tuts and even into your dance style. Completely beginner friendly, the syllabus that we will cover will be progressive, fun, yet challenging!

What are you waiting for? Let’s kicksTUT your journey into the world of shapes and lines!

Monday 8pm – 9pm

6 Lessons x 1 Hour