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est. 2017

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EV Elites is a unique dance training programme that aims to nurture quality youth dancers and leaders through engaging and professional dance platforms. It is a perfect platform for outstanding high school graduates who aspire to make a career out of dance. These youths are handpicked by professional dance coaches and are put through a rigorous year of dance training activities, performances and competitions.


To nurture quality youth dancers through engaging dance platforms, building the leaders of tomorrow.


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Wein Lee

Head Coach / Director

Director's Message

EV Elites started with the dream of providing a safe space for youths to discover themselves through dance. As an individual, I believe that who we are as humans will define who we are as dancers. Ensuring that the youths who join our family develop the essential life-skills to propel them towards their goals will always be the priority.

Through the EV Elites Programme, youths will undergo foundation training, be exposed to different genres, as well as instructors, and have the chance to explore their own individuality. All these in hope of building a foundation that sets their course for their future in dance once they complete the programme.

Through EV Elites, another dream was to be able to provide launchpads for youths to venture into different fields of dance with the proper guidance and at the right time. Be it a passion to perform, teach, manage or choreograph one day, anything can be achieved if an individual is able to safely explore with nurturing mentors and most importantly a platform to do so.

As a growing dancer, I believe that no matter where we are in our journey we should always give whatever we can and extend a helping hand to pull each other upwards. I hope that through EV Elites I am able to do just that for the betterment of the youths that do join us.


Adult Dance Class

Foundation Training

For the first few weeks, our youths will undergo a series of foundation training by our in-house instructors focusing on BODY AWARENESS, FOOTWORK, and STRENGTH & CONDITIONING.

Advanced Training

Established choreographers and instructors will occasionally be invited to run a month-long training program to expand the youths knowledge and develop additional skill sets.

R.A.I.D Day Camp

A 3-day camp to build friendships, explore new genres and develop a deeper relationship with dance. R.A.I.D. stands for Reconnect And Imagine with Dance and features guest instructors imparting their experience to the youths.



Performance opportunities will be presented to the youths for a chance to practice what they have learnt and work together with their fellow teammates for a memorable experience on stage.
Venture - EV Elites Group Photo


Our youths will be given the freedom to venture into their creativity, working in groups to birth a piece to be showcased for friends and family to appreciate. Guided by our in-house instructors, Venture opens the world of choreographing to the youths.



Our alumnus are always welcome back to join any performance whether it is mixing with the new batch or guest performing as the alumnus of EV Elites. Alumnus will also be presented with opportunities to choreograph for some performances.


After graduating, our experienced alumnus may be offered opportunities to compete as a team in competitions like Super 24, Blackout, All Babes Cineleisure Dance competition, and many more.

Ground Up

For the alumnus who are keen in exploring the area of coaching, Ground Up provides a mentorship experience where youths will receive hands-on training in working with our EV affiliated Secondary Schools. Working with our instructors, our alumnus will set goals and learn the ropes of coaching.

Platform Sharing

For the alumnus who are keen in developing & sharing their craft, the EV Elites platform sharing provides them a space to do just that. The freedom to create and safe space to share encourages them to find themselves in dance and release their emotions through their craft.

EV Kids Course

Similar to Ground Up, alumnus have the opportunity to teach the young ones in the Kids Course, cultivating their love for dance from an early age. Concurrently, the alumnus can develop their leadership and management skills.




Yellowren Productions, Yellowren Arts Festival, Performers
Prudential Awards Night, Performers
Dynasty Travel International, Travel Fair, Performers
Blackout 2017, Dance Competition, Competitor
All Babes Cineleisure, Dance Competition, Competitor
Bragging Rights, Guest Performers
REMIX Showdown, Arts Showcase, Performers
Graduation Dance Video, Choreographer and Performers
We Are One Family Fiesta @ Elias CC, Choreographer and Performers


Wedding Proposal for Mr Ridwan, Choreographer and Performers
Tampines Junior College Dance Enrichment Programme, Performers
National Heritage Board Singapore, Bras Basah Bugis Arts Sprawl, Performers
National Heritage Board Singapore, Singapore Night Festival, Performers
Yellowren Productions, Yellowren Arts Festival, Performers
World Supremacy Battlegrounds Singapore, Dance Competition, Competitor
*SCAPE Confessions Programme, Performers


Dance Video, “No Problem – Chance The Rapper”, Choreographer and Performers
*SCAPE Confessions Programme, Performers
Dance Video, “Pure Water – Mustard & Migos”, Choreographer and Performers
Ground Up Coaching Mentorship
Super24, Dance Competition, Competitor
World Supremacy Battlegrounds Singapore Vol 2, Dance Competition, Performers
TEDxYouth@Singapore 2019: Future of Us, Performers
Dance Video, “Act Up – City Girls”, Choreographer and Performers
R.A.I.D. Camp