Kids Dance Courses Schedule Poster 2021

Kids dance Courses term Schedule

Our kids courses this year have quite a number of new additions! From Jazz, Kpop, Yoga classes and even specialised DSA Training, we’re ready bring your kid through a fun and enriching dance journey.

Course Fees:
$280 for 8 sessions
Payment by Bank Transfer or Paynow

Trial Class ($35):
Drop in for a trial class! Just contact us beforehand to reserve a slot.

Experience the joy of making new dance friends!

Capture your memories in a Dance Video Shoot!
Feel proud with a Certificate of Achievement!
Kids Hip Hop Dance Class
Kids Jazz Dance Class
Kids Hip Hop Dance Class

Mini (4 - 7) & Kids (8 - 12) Hip Hop Dance

If your child is energetic, active and vibrant, he or she will be a good fit to take up our Hip Hop dance course!ย Discover a fun learning environment to train coordination and interact with others of their age. Dancing to specially hand-picked energetic music, theyโ€™ll have a ball of time!

Kids Jazz Dance Class

Kids Jazz Dance

The athletic, full-bodied nature of the dance will help develop kids’ bodies extensively. From learning about body and steps alignment, turns and extensions, Jazz dance offers a different kind of learning from Hip Hop Dance.

Kids Yoga Movement Class

Kids Yoga Movement

Yoga is a form of complete education which helps to balance energy and expand imagination. As the kids go through stretches and poses, the emphasis on breathing and their body sensations help them understand their body better.

Kids Kpop Dance Class

Kids Kpop Dance

KPOP incorporates various dance techniques and routines with group formations to Korean Popular Music. Give your kid this well-rounded opportunity to learn some movements, step up that confidence and give a high-energy performance!

Kids DSA Training Poster

Kids DSA Training

Kids DSA Training prepares students with a flair for dance to audition into choice secondary schools. Other than coached to refine the dance technique, the student will also acquire a choreography to present for the auditions.

Kids Yoga Movement Class
Kids Kpop Dance Class
Kids DSA Training Poster

Kids Dance Foundation Course

Next Intake Dates: TBC

Kids foundation course

The Kidsโ€™ foundation course is a 4-weeks course for kids toย work on their dance foundation and techniques. This programme will not focus on dance choreography but basic fundamental skills that will aid in body awareness and rhythm control.

*No video shoot will be conducted for this course

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We understand the importance of delivering a quality education and experience. The trial session allows your kid to try out the class content and environment, and you’ll be able to make a more informed decision as well.





10am and 11am

If your child wishes to join the course after attending trial class, we’ll assist your child to catchup with the steps!

Make-up sessions can also be done at any of the usual class slots.

Trial Class Registration

Simply send us your registration info, pick a trial class slot, and we’ll contact you to confirm your slot and verify payment!


Once we’ve confirmed your slot for you, kindly make a payment of $35 to book your first trial class slot via paynow UEN Number 200922699Z (EV Dance) or use our QR code

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