EV Membership

Membership Fees:

  • EV Basic Member : Sign up for our Basic Member tier is FREE and lasts a lifetime!
  • EV VIP Member : S$20.00, membership is valid for 1 year

Benefits of an EV Dance membership?

  • EV Basic Member : Enjoy 5% cashback on classes and courses, all year round - forever!
  • EV VIP Member : Enjoy 1 free class + 10% cashback on all classes and courses + $40 worth of dance courses. Valid for 1 year.

How to become an EV Dance member?

  • Step 1: Head down to EV Dance studio (51 Waterloo street #03-01 Singapore 187969)
  • Step 2: Approach our friendly EV Staff to fill up the membership form
  • Step 3: If you're signing up for the VIP Member, simply make payment and reap all the benefits - that's all!

Student Affiliation Scheme 

1. Who is eligible for this scheme?
Students who are both an EV Member and an EV Dance CCA member. Age limit is maximum 19 years old.

2. Benefits of this scheme?
Atop all other EV Dance membership benefits, EV student affiliates can enjoy open classes at only $10.00, except K-Kardio.

3. Can an EV CCA Student who’s not an EV member, enjoy the student affiliation scheme?
No, a student has to sign up as an EV member to enjoy the benefits of the affiliation scheme. Membership registration is as per usual.

4. As a Student Affiliate, do I need to bring anything for class registration?
Yes, please bring your ID that reflects your birth date and $10 cash per class.